Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's been too long...

I guess without ppsassygrl here to remind me to update my blog, I just don't do it. In my defense, things have been crazy for me. Shortly after the last update, I developed some kind of bump in my left thumb joint. It's been painful. I haven't been able to knit (I did get that Nantasket Basket done. I also got another one done in shades of green in Cascade 220.) I have been to the doctor's, gotten a sonogram done on my thumb and have been to an orthopedic doctor. I have a cystic lesion. It's some kind of cyst thing in the bone. I have to have surgery on March 16th. She's going to remove the cyst and adjust the pulley in my left thumb. I will have to go two weeks without being able to use that thumb. I'm very unhappy about that. I actually cried when she told me. I won't be able to knit and I won't be able to do my job at work. I'm such an independent person that I have the worse time with this. I was miserable when I couldn't knit because of the pain in the thumb. I'm going to have to figure out how to knit without my left thumb.

I'm totally obsessed with the Nantasket Basket. I have finished two already. I have one on the needles that is almost finshed. And have yarn to make about 7 more. They are so much fun to make. I wonder when I'll get tired of the pattern (prolly never!) LOL I also bought the stuff to make myself a purse. The KISS purse by Sally Melville. I had bought a varigated in shades of blue and green. I had originally bought some light green Cascade 220 to go with it, but I have decided that I want to use Onxy by Lamb's Pride. But, of course the LYS is sold out of it. I was hoping to have it completed before my surgery! But, it doesn't look like that will happen. :(

I hope everyone enjoyed the long post. Wish me luck in my surgery. I'll try to update again before then! :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nantasket Basket...

I had told myself that I was going to finish some old projects and not start any new projects. I was wrong. I was home alone Saturday and had every intention of working on some of those projects that have been sitting half done. I was really planning on figuring out a particular hard band on Heirloom Christmas. It's that band where I cut the fabric before I stitch it. It's kind of scary to me and that project has been sitting for over a year! But, I couldn't bring myself to do it...

Instead... I started my Nantasket Basket. I used the Winter Night and Mulled Wine. It turned out really pretty. I haven't felted it yet because I don't have a zippered pillowcase. I heard that someone messed up their entire plumbing system from felting stuff at home. I don't have the money to replace my plumbing system, so I will wait to felt it, but it turned out great. I think I want to make one for my mom and my brother's girlfriend. I think I may make one for my son's teacher as well. I don't know her favorite colors, so Jesse is supposed to find out the colors we should use.

Jesse was in a school play last night. He played the horse's head for a Johnny Appleseed skit. It was really cute. Jesse did a good job. :)

As always, work has been crazy and this week is taking forever to be over!!!! I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday. Fred gets paid and I'm going to order the yarn for mom's and Jenny's basket. :)

I tried lace knitting on the Adamas Shawl from Knitpicks. But, I can't seem to get the hang of it. My YO's twist too much and I can't find my stitches. :( I think it may have something to do with the way I knit... I think Eva should tell me how she does it! :)