Monday, September 25, 2006

This past weekend...

This weekend was great!!! We went shopping in olde town Fredericksburg. Lot of walking and neat little stores. I loved it. Fred and I went alone on Saturday. I found Vera Bradley bags! I bought tons of them (Man! I'm so poor now!) LOL My favorite Colorway is Alpine Black. On saturday we bought the Villager, The Vera, the Zip Around Wallet and eyeglass case. I was going to use the Villager as a purse. It's a bit big, but I like the size of the straps. Well, on this street there are two (yes, you heard me! TWO) vendors that sell VB! I didn't even go into the second one because I already bought plenty of bags. :) Well, Sunday Mom decides that she wants to get a VB backpack. So, we head back to that lovely, lovely street. Well, the place I spent so much money is closed. So I take her to the other place on the street. Where I see the Hipster. It's absolutely perfect! Good size and perfect strap. Of course I had to buy it!!! I also got a cute little change purse to match. And an id case... My mom bought her first VB. I'm so proud of her. She got the backpack in New Hope. (which of course is being discontinued.) So, Fred bought her the little wallet to go with it.

I finished the baby blanket!!!! :) I'm so happy! I'm glad to be done with it.

Enjoy all the links. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006


Here it is Monday and I'm in a really good mood. Isn't that strange? I hate Mondays. I hate workdays! But, I'm in a pleasant mood today...

Here are things that are NOT going to spoil my mood:

- I don't find out until 7 am today (when I get to work) that I'm expected to work an extra hour today to attend BioPsych. (I guess that means MORE comp time that I can't really use.)

- There is a hitch in the office space issue. It's all up in the air right now, but I have every confidence that the department chair will figure it out. She understand that it's NOT working for me to be in the basement lab with the surgeries, perfusions and microtome surrounding. Not to mention students testing rats...

- I can't go to lunch at Cerro Grande today because of time issues with when people need the brain cart. I get a little over an hour in between, but my mom has a meeting today and her free times don't coincide with my free times.

- After a long drive to pick up food and bedding on Wednesday, I will have to be back early for lab. Hence, I will probably be putting in more than an hour of comp time on Wednesday.

- Fred has a night job tonight and I won't be sleeping well. Tomorrow is a superbly busy day and I will be exhausted.

- It's still way too dark in the morning. I can't wait for Daylight Savings time. (End of October, in case you don't keep up with it the way I do.)

Here are the things that will help me keep my current good mood:

- Today is not Tuesday. :)

- I get to go to Cerro Grande for lunch next Tuesday for a friend's birthday! (One that I never get to see anymore...)

- I got to name a cat. :)

- I bought the yarn from Crazy for Ewe for the cardigan this weekend.

- I got to go to AC Moore's and Hancock Fabrics in Fredericksburg, VA this weekend.

- I did some more rows on the baby afghan. It's really coming along. (That really means that I will be able to start on the cardi!)

- I got Fred to help me do a bit of cleaning this weekend. :)

- I slept amazingly well last night. I don't sleep well anymore, so this is quite a feat! :)

- Today is a beautiful day! I love this weather. I love fall! :)

- Fred is NOT working this weekend and we are going camping! (I think that ppsassygirl and her beau should join us this weekend.) (WE HAVE MARGARITAS!)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lady Eleanor

I really want to make a Lady Eleanor Stole. I'm bidding on this yarn for it. I think it will be really pretty in that yarn. I would have waited to buy it, but sometimes you see such good prices on eBay. I love it when people get rid of perfectly good stuff! LOL

I also really want to make a Cardigan from the book Big Girl Knits. I was eyeing that book in Crazy for Ewe when Fred was with me and he bought it for me. I can't really show a very good picture of the Cardi. If you click on that link, it's the blonde girl in the striped front sweater. I'm also going to make the Natalie coat from that book. I had bought some superwash wool for another project. But, it was too dark, so i'm going to use it for the Natalie Coat.

I'm still being very good and working on the baby blanket. I have 55 rows to go. The baby shower won't be until after the Neuroscience conference so, I have plenty of time! :) (For the cake maker, that means mid to the end of October.)

This weekend was horrible! No electricity for a couple of days (I think that's why I have all these new projects planned!) My parent's basement flooded. The animal lab flooded (including cricket soup in a fluorescent light fixture... yummy!) I've put in several (up to 6) hours of comp-time. I have to stay an extra hour today and my day is packed with meeting people for different things! I guess that means I can't really say any more here today. I hope things slow down soon!!!