Monday, September 25, 2006

This past weekend...

This weekend was great!!! We went shopping in olde town Fredericksburg. Lot of walking and neat little stores. I loved it. Fred and I went alone on Saturday. I found Vera Bradley bags! I bought tons of them (Man! I'm so poor now!) LOL My favorite Colorway is Alpine Black. On saturday we bought the Villager, The Vera, the Zip Around Wallet and eyeglass case. I was going to use the Villager as a purse. It's a bit big, but I like the size of the straps. Well, on this street there are two (yes, you heard me! TWO) vendors that sell VB! I didn't even go into the second one because I already bought plenty of bags. :) Well, Sunday Mom decides that she wants to get a VB backpack. So, we head back to that lovely, lovely street. Well, the place I spent so much money is closed. So I take her to the other place on the street. Where I see the Hipster. It's absolutely perfect! Good size and perfect strap. Of course I had to buy it!!! I also got a cute little change purse to match. And an id case... My mom bought her first VB. I'm so proud of her. She got the backpack in New Hope. (which of course is being discontinued.) So, Fred bought her the little wallet to go with it.

I finished the baby blanket!!!! :) I'm so happy! I'm glad to be done with it.

Enjoy all the links. :)


Sarah said...

I LOVE the change purse. My sister is OBSESSED with Vera Bradley. OBSESSED!

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