Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm hoping to actually put some content here...

Things are so busy, that I wrote last week's post on Monday and didn't get it posted until Thursday. I really was hoping to put in some more content, but I forgot what I was going to put in there... Sorry about that.

I took off work yesterday. I had looked at my schedule and seen that it's the only day in October that I wasn't completely swamped. I decided I needed the day off. I got to watch The Little Mermaid. Fred had brought it home for me on Tuesday. On Monday he brought me home The Lake House. (This is my husband's way of getting me flowers. I don't like getting flowers because they die...) He actually watched The Lake House with me. Isn't that sweet? I did a little bit of knitting yesterday. I did enough to catch me up with what I had to take out on Tuesday night. I was really into the newest episode of the Gilmore Girls. I was putting my increases and decreases in the wrong section and ended up with some strange shape. (It was supposed to be a rectangle with diagonal stripes.) LOL

Fred really wanted to watch a new show on Monday. It's called Heroes. It was a pretty good show. It wasn't Gilmore Girls or Charmed. LOL Heroes is definitely aimed at comic book fans. Fred loved it!

Right now, I'm listening to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Has anyone here ever heard of them? They are a punk cover band. I really love hearing old favorites in punk. My favorite has got to be My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. It makes me type so much faster! LOL


Sarah said...

I was pissed at the latest episode of Gilmore Girls. I mean, are Luke and Lorelei NEVER going to get together?? It's so frustrating!
Glad you took the day off; that's always fun. :-) How was the Lake House?

Jenn said...

Lake House was really good. :)