Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yesterday I went to see a Midwife. I was looking for a new gyn because I'm not happy with the doctors in my area. I had been really bad and hadn't been for a couple of years. Not since I went to the health department last. I had insurance, I just didn't want to go to the gyn that did my grandmother's hysterecemy. My grandmother got a staff infection from that surgery and never really woke up again. :( So, I heard about this doctor that several of my friends really like. The doctor had a midwife that works with him. The receptionist asked me if I wanted to see her and I said "Sure, why not." I like things like that. They are unconventional by today's standards, but a way of life in the old days. That's why I like knitting and sewing so much. It's also why I heat my house with a wood stove in the winter. I have a furnace, but oil is expensive and I like the wood stove better. Not that I don't like new stuff too. I love my laptop, DVR and big flat screen tv. I love World of Warcraft, but I just like the old stuff to, so I'll pick and choice which older things I can happily live with and which I can't. :)

I don't think I've ever explained the irony of my nick. As many of you know, I'm a wiccan. Hence I don't believe in the devil. How could I? I would have to believe in the christian god in order for one of the fallen angels to exist. So, you may ask, why Devilwmn? I like the irony of it shortened like that. It's actually short for Devilish woman. With devilish ( adj. playful in an appealingly bold way; "a roguish grin" ) being an accepted word in the english language. I don't have to agree with the origin of it... :)
For Freak Knitter: This is the hair tie culprit. He's so adorable, that it hides his troublesome personality! LOL
Here's some of his most interesting pictures:


rhonda said...

Oh girl that kitty looks like a little thief... those bad bad kitties!!!

Sarah said...

I love pics of your kitties! :-)

Beth said...

Cute kittie! Found you via Franklin. I commiserate with your foot 'problem,' as I wear a 12 or 13 (depends on the maker).

"Pepper McKenzie"