Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And again... (Warning- Vent in progress!)

I'm posting again. Mainly cuz I have something I have to get off my chest...

I am the one in charge of moving the lab into the new building. I am the one working every single day of the week. I am the one who did NOT get a vacation this year. I am the one that was here all summer... If I hear one more time about how stressed this stinkin' move is making other people that did not work all summer, only work part time now and can take off work when they want, I'm going to blow the top of my effin head off!!!!!

(That's all for now!- Back to our regularly scheduled happiness.) :)
This makes me smile. :)


Sarah said...

That would piss me off, too! But you've got an adorable picture posted, so that's always good. :-)

Bullwinkle said...

That pic makes me smile too :)

(Sorry about work issues. I can relate. Deep breaths. Hug a dog.)