Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Meatball pizza! (I've never even tried it!)

Meatball Pizza

Unusual and uncompromising.
You're usually the first to discover a new trend.
You appreciate a good meal and good company.
You're an interesting blend of traditional and modern.

So, this is not my pizza of choice to eat, but it certainly sounds good! :)

I went camping this weekend. I drank too much and stayed up too late! But, that was fun. I had a hard time sleeping. My cold either got worse, or I got a brand new one because I'm all stuffed up today. :( I hate being sick!!!

This has been a strange week. The moon has been so bright every morning. I get up before the sun and take my dogs outside. The moon is making my back yard look like I have a street light above it. It's pretty, but a little creepy. (I had typed sleepy, but I think that was just a Freudian slip! LOL)

I'm still reading Anna Karenina. A friend told me that the last 300 pages are really good. I'm on page 500. I have like 4 more pages to go through until I get to the good stuff. (I hope!) Right now, they are talking to an artist. I wonder how Tolstoy is going to tie this into the rest of the book...

I'm still working on the french market bag. I decided I wanted MORE rows before I started the handles. I thought I was done, but I think it will be too shallow unless I add these rows.

I signed up for a club here at work. It's called Knits for the Needy. We have local companies supply stuff so that we can make hats and scarves for the homeless in our area. I think this sounds great. I get to do something I love and still give back to the community.

I want to apologize to all my friends that read this. I'm really sorry that I have no time to email everyone! I miss you guys! :(


Sarah said...

That sucks you've been so busy! I actually didn't sign up for the club, but maybe I'll come along with you to the meeting, if that's okay. E may be teaching an evening class next semester (BOO), so I'll probably try to join a running club or something.
keep it up with Anna Karenina! Here's the quote of the day from google, which I thought was HILARIOUS when you were talking about how much you had left to go with AK:
The covers of this book are too far apart.
- Ambrose Bierce
Hope you feel better soon!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the quote! I loved it.