Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Here it is Tuesday and it's my first day of work this week. I still have a bit of a cough, but it was really nice to be off yesterday. :) I decided to take a personal day and relax. I have another cold and can't seem to kick it. I can't stay home sick anymore, so I decided a vacation day was much better! :) I sat home all day and watched season 2 of Charmed. I really do love that show. I'm not so sure about this season. I think they have written themselves into a corner with no way out. Crazy, huh?

I also did a little reading on Anna Karenina this weekend. I am finding it to be a rather strange book. There are parts that I don't want to put it down, but then there are parts when I wish they would just finish what they were saying. For example, I really wanted Tolstoy to hurry up and finish the part about the elections. It was getting annoying! But, I was really entralled with Dolly's visit to Anna. Isn't that strange???? BTW... I'm on page 672 now! I'm so close to finishing it. As long as there are no more elections (or parts like that) I should be done soon. I've never looked forward to the end of a book like this. I usually hate to have a book end. Sometimes, I feel like I have lost a friend that I will sorely miss. I'm not sure I'll miss anyone this time!

I have one handle of the French Market bag knitted. I am pretty proud of myself. I think I will have a second handle done tonight while I ignore my family and watch the newest Gilmore Girls and Supernatural! :) They know not to bother me between 8pm and 10 pm on Tuesday night. Considering that's the only time I ask them not to bother me, I don't think I'm asking too much! :)

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Sarah said...

Ack! I *totally* forgot tonight was the Gilmore Girls! :-( I'll probably have to miss it again. We need to go shopping tonight, and can't do that until later. Oh, well.
Yay for taking personal days off; I think every now and then that's something people just *need* to do. I have a feeling I may be taking one before long...