Friday, June 02, 2006

It's been a long time again...

I keep waiting a really long time to update this blog. My only excuses are that I've been very busy and very grumpy. It seems that I'm grumpy all the time lately. I think it's work. I used to love my job. I loved coming in to work everyday and seeing what the day would hold for me. Even on my busy days when I already knew what I had to do, I still loved coming here. That was before we got an extra person in the lab. I think this person has some kind of problem. One day she will be really nice to me and the next she will be really short and snappy. I feel like I'm a second-class citizen because I have to do all the grunge work. I don't have a precious PhD. I don't teach classes. I am the slave. Maybe it's me. I guess I need to get a little thicker skin. I know that I take things personally, but I try to be nice to people ALL THE TIME, not just when I'm in a good mood (which doesn't seem to happen to this person often enough.) I know everyone is probably getting tired of reading all my whining, but it's been a horrible year. Hell, it's been a horrible couple of years. At least last year it was just problems at work. Now I have all the crap at home too.

More bad news... My A/C at home is broken. As many of you know, I hate being hot. It makes me grumpy. (So, we add that to the previous grumpy, and we get...) :::sigh::: I don't have the money to fix it and I don't know what I'm going to do at this point... I've already cancelled my vacation for this year. Which means that I don't even have a week this summer to look forward to not having to deal with work. :(

Okay... that's enough of the bad news. (How much bad news can you really take at once?) The good news is that Jesse graduates from the 5th grade next Friday. That's only one week that he has to make it through and we are done for the year. I always thought that celebrating a 5th grade graduation was silly, but I'm celebrating because I had no idea if we'd even get here... :)

Now back to the grumbling!!! It's the end of the fiscal year. Unlike cara_angelica, I hate the end of the fiscal year. It's summer, so I'm extremely busy and then add on to trying to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars!!! I don't have time for this. I worked two extra hours last week and then got fussed at (by email of course) for leaving early. Same person as mentioned in the first part of the post.

More good news... (I thought you might be enjoying the yo-yo thing I've got going on...) I'm going to the movies with my husband and a friend from his work tomorrow. Jesse has a school field trip (He's on restriction for the previous entry or else we'd take him to see the movie too). We have the whole day to ourselves. We are going to see X3! :) 1:30 tomorrow... anyone else want to tag along????


Sarah said...

Poor Jenn. :-( First of all, nobody *ever* gets tired of reading your blog--my only complaing is that you don't update often enough! :-) Mean people at work suck, and it's crazy how it's that *one* bad person that makes you feel shitty, no matter how many good people there are who honestly love having you around. I had a *great* time at Project Parenting when you were there--I can't imagine how anybody wouldn't be able to get along with you! I think some people just don't understand how to interact with others, and they get so focused on research and other things that they forget that they wouldn't be able to do any of that stuff if they didn't have wonderful people like you savivng their asses! You shouldn't feel bad for leaving early (especially if you stayed late!).
I'm glad you and the hubby will be able to see a movie tomorrow; you deserve it! Don't EVER worry about complaining--if you ever want to call one evening just to bitch I'd love to hear from you!
Hang in there, and give Jesse a hug for me--he rocks!

Angie said...

Short and sweet response...

Don't let the turkeys (or turkeyin this case) get you down!

Yay for 5th grade graduation!

Enjoy the movie! We saw it Monday and thought it was great.