Friday, June 16, 2006

I am the worse blogger ever...

I don't even know why I keep this thing. I so rarely update. All I can say is that I keep busy (much, much, much too busy!) I have the entire Division Office at work full of boxes of stuff that I had to buy with the end of the fiscal year money. I hated the shopping part and I hate the putting away part even more. There are tons of boxes and they are upstairs. Which means I have to carry all those boxes downstairs... :( I have spent this entire week working on updating the operant boxes and will be at work all day tomorrow (Saturday.) Why a Saturday you ask??? Because being low man on the totem pole means that I'm not allowed to use the room when it interferes with someone's precious testing or surgery. I have to work on the weekend. We all know that I will get fussed at when I try to use that comp time. That's the way it works around here.

I can't even knit in the evenings. My hands are so sore from putting connectors and spade terminals on wires. :( They have to be squeezed on with a crimping tool. My left hand is still too weak to do it. This causes my right hand to have to do most of the work. So both hands are sore from this ordeal and I have more to do tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm very tired and really don't want to work tomorrow.

I can't wait until next weekend. I signed up for a lace knitting class. It's going to be taught by Annie Modesitt. I'm really excited to meet her. I wonder if I will see dumb if I take her book with me and ask her to sign it. I really hate making myself look dumb. (But, I'm really good at it too!)

I know this is short, but it's really all I can muster. I have to go and start carrying boxes and changing bedding and changing bottles and I may never leave here today! :(

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Sarah said...

That's such a pain that you have to work on the weekend--no fair! Maybe I'll stop by and kidnap you and make you come to KFC with me for popcorn chicken...:-)And flattery never makes you look dumb; I'm sure your teacher would be ecstatic if you asked her to sign her book.