Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday, April 4th

See... I told you I was going to try really hard! LOL

I had such a busy weekend. I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll start at the beginning. That's usually the best place! :) Friday night Jesse and I went to my Mom and Dad's for dinner. My dad made this excellent stir-fry. It was very yummy. Fred got back into town while we were there. He and Vince came over for dinner too. Mom, Jesse and I ate the last piece of her ice cream cake from her birthday. It's very bad for me, but it tasted so good! LOL

Saturday morning, I got up and went to Aqua Aerobics. Fred, Vince and Jesse met my Mom, Dad and I for breakfast. Then we went and bought all of Jesse's soccer stuff. He was just signed up for soccer and the first game is already next weekend. I really hope he does well. Jesse went with my parents for the day. He loves spending time with them. In the afternoon, I went to Waldorf (45 min away) to the nearest quilt shop. I was supposed to go to a trunk show, but the lady didn't show up. If I would have checked my messages, I would have known that. But, while I was there, I did get the stuff to make my mom's Christmas present. When I came back in town, I found out that Fred was at a water damage, so I met my mom, dad, Jesse and Josh for dinner at THE Mexican restaurant! :) I love that place. Fred didn't get home until mid-night. And he had another call that we had to go out to the next morning. :( Poor baby is tired!

Sunday, I got up and went to Lowe's. I decided that I really needed a light box, but didn't have the money to buy one. My mom and dad decided to meet me there and my dad helped me (well... I did a lot of watching) build a light box. It is great! It is 13x18. A great size! I needed it to get started on my mom's present. :) I didn't get to use it yet, but I'm hoping to use it tonight. We used an old piece of clear plexiglass on top. It's a bit scratched up, but we are going to Massachussetts this summer and my aunt works in a plexiglass factory, so we will be able to get a new piece that isn't scratched up. I love my light box!!! :) It ended up costing me $16! :) Most of the light boxes that size can cost more than $100! :) I'm so lucky to have a crafty daddy! :)

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Nola said...

cool!! you'll have to show pics of your lightbox. :) and what are you making for your mom?? I'm proud of you, getting started already! hehe.. I only have ONE gift ready, a pair of fleese pants for my sister I saw for only $3!!!