Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's been a week, and another entry has been requested. The only problem is that I'm boring and my life is boring. I did nothing but rest and work this weekend. The resting part I enjoyed... the work part... blah! But at least I have this:

Your Observation Skills Get An A-

Hardly anything gets by you...
You have a great memory and eagle eyes

I hope you all have fun with that quiz. NO CHEATING!!! :)

I applied for several jobs today. I guess I'm tired of being underpaid and overworked. It's a common occurrence here.

I finally got my mom to come over last week so that I could felt her slippers. They turned out really cute. I also got a kid's hat and scarf set done for knits for the needy. I also found this cool yahoo! group called freecycle.org. They are locate people that are giving stuff away. It's pretty neat. I haven't seen anything I need, but I think I will post some stuff on there and keep checking for stuff that I might like!

Back to work for me! :(

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Sarah said...

Being overworked and underpaid DEFINITELY sucks--I hope the application process turns out well for you!
I got a "B" on the quiz. Honestly, I'm surprised I got even *that* given the fact I almost got myself killed yesterday by walking directly in front of a moving vehicle. Clearly I'm not too overly observant. ;-)