Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why do we do it???

That's my issue today. Why do we do it? Why am I sending my kid to school everyday for the past week (and two days this week) feeling sick? My reasoning is that I have too much to do at work to take off with him. It's the same reason that I'm going to work everyday sick... But it's not as if you get appreciation. I worked extra hours last week while I was sick (I'm still sick, but feeling a little better than last week.) Why should my work be more important than my son? I really don't feel that it is on a regular basis, but this past week I have definitely chosen work over letting my son stay home and feel better (myself as well...) I long for the simplier days. The days when a mother could stay home with her kids instead of coming to work everyday. I could do without my second vehicle in my house. I could borrow my husband's and do my shopping (grocery only) on Saturday. I could fill my days with cleaning my house and making sure my husband and son are taken care of.

All that working and I get a nasty email from my supervisor for having taken a hour off yesterday afternoon... I worked 5 extra hours... while I was sick... I have to work this weekend... one of those extra hours last week was because she gets to take off every other Friday and spend it with her son... I had to do her work. All the supervisors in the lab are going out of town and I have to take care of everything for them. Why don't I quit? They took away all my person space. I have no office. I don't even have anywhere I belong. I get a computer on their lab counters... What the hell am I doing?????????

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Sarah said...

It sucks that they gave you a hard time about taking a well-deserved hour to take care of some personal things (especially given all the extra hours you've been working!) I hope you and Jesse both feel better soon...