Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mysterious but boring... LOL

What is your sexual appeal?
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This is interesting. I know I've been described as aloof. Maybe I was really mysterious and not aloof. :) Thanks cara-angelica for the really great quiz. So, my life has been pretty boring lately. No big new purchases like cara-angelica (too poor for that). No big new jobs like ppsassygrl. Not even the excitement of going back to school like sleepgrl25.

I've made quite a bit of progress on piecing together that crocheted afghan. Otherwise all I really do is go through Sudoku puzzles. I found a good book at BJ's this weekend and have been spending all my time doing those puzzles. They really really really are addicting!!!!!

I hope everyone's life is much more exciting than mine.

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cara_angelica said...

I'm starting to regret the TV already and it's not even you are probably better off than me anyway! Talking about loads of laundry isn't very exciting---just talk about whatever pops into your head :)

BTW-I found the quiz from yellowsnakepoet (someone who posted a comment to fairouz..I liked the image so I checked out the blog and voila!